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The company basketball match

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

Date: 1st June, 2013

Location: Taoyuan middle school playground

Participant: RESHIN Team & Qin’an team

In order to enrich mass employees’ entertainment life, fully elaborate employees’ team cooperative spirit and enhance the enterprise cohesive force and sense of pride, a grand basketball match was held at Taoyuan middle school basketball playground in 1st June,2013. This match was held by Mr Tang, who was the director of our company ( RESHIN Team ), and Qin’an Technology Co. Ltd ( Qin’an Team ). Each department responded this match and took part in it positively. Outside the playing area, cheering squad were shouting loudly and enthusiastically to make the match more and more fierce. All the athletes, referee, work staff and audiences were very excited. The staff well did the logistic support work, the referee was very fair and selfless and all the players indeed elaborated the spirit “competing comes after friendship”.

Even though all the players were intimate friends and colleagues in the life, they never abandoned and gave any chance to score on the competition terrain. Under the encouragement of all the audiences, RESHIN Team finally beat the Qin’an Team as 87:76 and became the champion of this basketball match after 60 minutes fierce fight.

The bright spot of this match was that all the players fully expressed the competitive spirit of RESHIN and sprinkled perspiration to their heart’s content. Their team spirit was worth for all the attendant colleagues to learn. Congratulations to the success of this basketball match.

This basketball match not only enriches the employees’ entertainment life, but also inspires more people to throw themselves into sports. It shows the enterprise spirit that our company always pay attention to foster employees’ overall qualities. At the same time, it strongly strength our corporate culture, the enhance friendship between employees and develop the cooperative spirit. Through the unique glamour of basketball, it presents the RESHIN employees’ full of youthful spirit.

From now on, the company will hold more and more better and colorful entertainment activities to develop the construction of corporate culture and promote the rapid development of employees’ overall qualities.