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The promotion and evaluation of the new version RESHIN P27A-10IPS It promotes the qualities but does not change its price

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

A short time ago, the internet of China photographers association carried through a comprehensive evaluation about RESHIN P27A-10IPS LCD display ( more details can be seen in the evaluation articles of RESHIN P27A-10IPS LCD display ). And it also put forward and some suggestions to improve the inadequacies of RESHIN P27A-10IPS LCD display:

1.The operation method is sophisticated and fussy.

2.Need to adjust the location of buttons and the function installment

3.Black sink is not enough.

4. The mould and technique need to be developed.

For the inadequacies of RESHIN P27A-10IPS that was given by the evaluation teachers of professional apparatus from China photographers association internet and other shutterbugs, Shenzhen JLD, who is the manufacturer, gave their positive response and adjusted its designing methods and manufacturing techniques in a short time.

1.The improvement in the extrinsic features and techniques of the RESHIN P27A-10IPS display

Firstly, we can clearly see that it has made great improvement in the moulds of the RESHIN P27A-10IPS. It was made by metal in the body of display, so it was really a test to consider the flatness of the moulds, the smoothness of corner and the sharpness of horns. Seeing from the improved display, it has greatly enhanced in the extrinsic features of moulds and meticulous degree of designing. Even though the style is still concise and plain, the advanced extrinsic feature shows more high-end and steady. Seeing from the back of moulds, it shows more temperamental in the posture and the designing of the radiator.

It is obviously that the RESHIN P27A-10IPS changed a lot in the techniques. It changed from the formal metal wire drawing technique into surface dull polish technique nowadays. Even though the effect of dull polish is not as strong as sense of metal, it can make machine more meticulous and higher quality.

2.the improvement in the operation of RESHIN P27A-10IPS

The apparatus evaluation teachers from China photographers association internet said that the design of the button location was not suitable from the ergonomics point of view. It was not convenient for users to adjust and choose the parameter and menu in the screen. So the manufacturer adjusts it just in time and makes it more convenient for users to handle it.

3.The consummation in the color of RESHIN P27A-10IPS

RESHIN P27A-10IPS has great improvement in the extrinsic features. Now let us see if there is any adjustment and improvement in the color.

Through the operation and manufacturer’s introduction, this machine added 8 functions of Gamma curve adjustment and black level adjustment.

It is very easy for users to choose Gamma curve. The manufacturer has already well installed the interior parameter, so the users only need to choose the curve mode with one key. The Gamma curve can be choosed according to the interest of users because the light intensity, the color temperature and the back light effect are different in every curve mode. So it avoids some installing troubles due to users’ different habit and makes the operation more simple and direct. The new added black level adjustment is also made for meeting users’ interests and the needs of color management. The function of black curve is used to adjust the light intensity of background black displaying parts and meet more different needs.


According to the deficiencies in the past, we see that Shenzhen JLD is not vague to improve the products. RESHIN P27A-10IPS display has a great improvement from extrinsic features to the effect and color in a short time. It can obviously show that the manufacturing techniques of professional display in JLD has become more mature. We believe that the RESHIN brand will win support among the people and we are waiting to see it.