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The evaluation of RESHIN display (1)

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

Some fans ask me, in order to get better debug effect, which kind of computer display should be equipped?

I rightly answered: the Color Edge series (at least 20,000 YUAN) of EIZO or the Cinema Display (about 10,000 YUAN, the recent model is Thunderbolt Display) from Apple.

The 27 inches Apple Cinema Display has 2560*1440 resolution, LED backlight, and IPS hard screen. Everyone knows that the IPS (In-Plane Switching) hard screen technology adopts the horizontal revolving molecule arrangement, so the reducibility of the molecule is stronger and the liquid crystal faceplate is more stable contrasted with the soft screen technology that arranged vertically. Not only that, the IPS hard screen technology has other advantages, such as the broad visible angle, the high contrast ratio, the fast response ability, low energy consumption, long life span and so on.

However, the following problem is the extremely high price, and it makes many poorer fans only can lament one’s littleness before the vast ocean and draw cakes to allay hunger. The solution for most people is to buy Dell U2410 with 3600 YUAN. But even though this Dell display is IPS faceplate, it has only 24 inches, 1920*1200 resolutions and it is also CCFL backlight. The normal power consumption is 75W, which is higher than the calorific value of 27 inches display. The Apple Cinema Display becomes the untouchable dream for most working class, it is just like the Rolls-Royce that seek by car owners.

Nowadays, the low- cost version of Apple Cinema Display comes into the market: that is the RESHIN P27A-10IPS display which is only 3500 Yuan and manufactured by Shenzhen JLD Electronic company.

Now let’s experience the effect on photo adjustment and the total features about this RESHIN P27A-10IPS.

一、The performance parameters of RESHIN P27A-10IPS display

The main performance parameters of RESHIN P27A-10IPS display is list below:


产品类型 LED背光 178°广视角液晶显示器

屏幕尺寸 27英寸(68.5cm)

屏幕比例 16:9(宽屏)

最大分辨率 2560x1440(高分,场频60Hz)

面板类型 IPS

点距 0.233mm

亮度 375 cd/㎡

静态对比度 1000:1

灰阶响应时间 12ms

显示颜色 1670万色

内置扬声器功率 2W(立体声)

输入接口 D-Sub(VGA-15针)、DVI-D、DisplayPort-1.2、


电量消耗 最大100W(全白画面亮度100%),


外形(WxHxD) 63.8x48.8x21.5cm(实测值,尺寸包含底座)

重量 9.8kg(金属外壳;塑壳重量7.6kg)

Seeing from the parameters, RESHIN P27A-10IPS liquid crystal display is nearly the same with Apple Cinema Display. It adopts the mainstream IPS broad visible faceplate with LED backlight and the highest resolution can reach to 2560*1440. It is an excellent display that the brightness is 375cd/m2, the gray scale response time is 12ms and the 2W built-in stereo loudspeaker is straight and narrow. Seeing from the input interface, RESHIN P27A-10IPS adopts many kinds of interfaces such as D-Sub, DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI, PCM stereo audio and so on. It can meet the needs of all connections.

二、The extrinsic feature of RESHIN P27A-10IPS

At first, let’s see the extrinsic feature of RESHIN P27A-10IPS liquid crystal display. This display is not only high in the planning of inner parameter, but also pays attention to the style of extrinsic feature design. Although it is not fashionable like most displays, the simple style can show the temperament of high-end displays.

The P27A-10IPS is the liquid crystal display with 27 inches broad screen and it the new product of RESHIN brand. (After that, the P30A-10IPS with 30 inches IPS faceplate will come into the market. It supports the highest resolution 2560*1600 and 16:10 display ratio). The style of extrinsic feature is simple, it is looks steady and elegant.

The back of the RESHIN P27A-10IPS is designed very simple. The base frame can support the adjustment of promotion and demotion, pitch and rotating of the display. Seeing picture 3 and picture 4.

picture 3

picture 4

The RESHIN P27A-10IPS display not only supports the 23cm promotion and demotion of the machine, it but also can vacillate to the left and right in 40 degree and pitch -10 degree~+30 degree. It also supports rotating 180 degree and turns into vertical display. Seeing picture 5, picture 6 and picture 7.

picture 5

picture 6


RESHIN P27A-10IPS display adopts the design of black narrow frame. The logo in the center part of the bottom looks very obviously. The nameplate is located on the left of the back, which has place of origin, manufacturer, model and serial number bar code on it. It turns out that the input power of direct 24V/5A means the alternating current switcher of display is external. This kind of design is a new tide, and it can reduce the calorific value of the display itself. In the accessories, we can this power switcher with large size. Due to the design of switch power, it can be widely use in 100~240V/50-60Hz alternating current. Seeing picture 8, picture 9 and picture 10.

picture 8

picture 9

picture 10

The OSD button of the RESHIN P27A-10IPS is distributed in the left side of the back (see picture 10), and seven buttons rank in a row vertically. When the power is turned on, there is a blue guiding light on the top of  it. It looks very simple (see picture 11 and picture 12). But the function settlement of each button and the habits in international is different. It is not easy for people to handle it. The users need to search the instructions when they operate it. And it is also difficult for us to take the back side buttons and the OSD into consideration. The operation explain of the button in the instruction is too complicated and it is very hard for ordinary person to completely master it. Furthermore, the name of volume regulation key in the instruction is worth to discuss, because both of these two keys need to be used in the regulation of all parameter.

It is worth mentioning that this display has many elements to adjust. It contains not only some simple elements such as input choose, brightness, contrast ratio, sound adjustment, but also contains the dynamic contrast ratio, pictures position, warm and cool colors, three primary colors fine tuning calibration, OSD display location, transparency and language. It also has self-adjustment function for some important parameters such as cross and vertical position, concentration, white balance, time and so on. It also has four contextual models to choose, that is standard, text, game and movie, and it has the functions of hot key and restore factory settings.

Of course, the complex functions and settings also make it difficult for people to operate and remember it. As for the advantage and disadvantage, different people have different views.

picture 11

picture 12

It has already mentioned that RESHIN P27A-10IPS display is equiped with very complete interface, that is from traditional D-Sub, DVI-D, PCM audio interface to the new popular HDMI-1.4 and DisplayPort-1.2 interface. But it is a little regret that there is no popular USB interface. All the interfaces are ranked in the bottom of the display screen. See the picture 13.

picture 13

三、The color adjustment of RESHIN P27A-10IPS display

The computer configuration in the test: Intel core i7-2600 3.4GHz CPU,AMD Radeon HD 6950 graphics card, 2G video memory, DDR3 12G internal storage, 64 bit Windows7 flagship version system, the referenced display is Apple Cinema Display 

The years practical experience turns out that like choosing a television, firstly we must check the black degree of screen when the display starts to set up an electric circuit. The degree of the black sinking concerns the contrast ratio, permeability and third dimension of all images. When carrying on this test, we can also observe the uniformity of the display screen, whether it has light leak or not, and if there is deviant point (exceptional bright point or fake color point).

After carefully observing, RESHIN P27A-10IPS display can well show black color. Although the degree of black sinking is not enough comparing with Apple Cinema Display, it never shows dark gray as other low-end displays. Moreover, there is no problem about the evenness degree of the four angles colors; we can not find the deviant points when we carefully look for it with magnifying glass. This can be called a good conclusion (see picture 14).

But the color in the left side of screen shows warmer and the color in the right side of marginal part shows colder when the observing degree slopes more than 60°. Maybe the different price leads to this result.

picture 14