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RESHIN brought professional medical display to 70th Xiamen CMEF

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

The 70th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) had been held at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center in 3 Nov 2013- 6 Nov 2013. The theme of this exhibition was “ the innovation of technology, the wisdom of medical”. More than ten thousands kinds of medical equipment products attended this exhibition and the products covered the whole medical equipment industry chain. In this exhibition,  as a new rising star, Shenzhen JLD Display Expert (the brand is called RESHIN) brought its four series professional medical display to show in the DG13 exhibition booth. It greatly showed the confidence and appearance that RESHIN would march towards the medical display industry. JLD strongly believed this modes of business operation “ pay more attention to research and development and do not focus on the assets “. So as a new rising star in medical monitor industry, RESHIN quickly cut a brilliant figure in this field. And it can show the JLD’s strength of technology research and development because it has researched and developed four series of medical display in one year.

In this exhibition, we presented 16 kinds of different applied medical displays, and it included these four series: image diagnostic medical display, endoscope surgical operation display, consultation teaching display and ultrasound medical display. It clearly showed the high standard of RESHIN products in medical display industry to the overseas audiences, medical institution and professional medical staff who were coming to visit the exhibition. We also promoted some products that was used in multiple applied industry such as 21.5 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches and 30 inches. It not only received the encouragement and reputation form many experts and scholars, but also became a bright focus in this medical exhibition.

MD7031C, as the large screen new technology of consultation and teaching application medical display, has attracted lots of people to visit and discuss. If patient’s state of the illness is very complicated, this kind of machine would be used well for doctors to diagnose and analyze the patient’s condition. The doctors’ working efficiency is directly decided by the size of the screen. It can not only provide a super large visual area, but also have 10 bit display color and super high contrast ratio. At the same time, it confirms to the effect that presented by DICOM standard. In addition, it cooperates many workstation, and with the four independent channels display technology and the multifunctional humanized designing plan, so it is more convenience for people to use this product.