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RESHIN medical display participated in the 71th Spring CMEF

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

RESHIN participated in the 71th Spring CMEF

The 71th CMEF brought to a happy termination in Shenzhen conference and exhibition center in 20 April 2014. During this exhibition, RESHIN brought a series of new products to the CMEF, such as multi-application medical display, endoscope surgical operation medical display, diagnostic medical display, consultation teaching display , and clinical medical display. In this time, we showed the unique elegant appearance and specialized skill of RESHIN professional display once more.

In this CMEF, in order to show gratitude to the large numbers of customers and distributors, we hold a lot of online and offline activities. As for the online activities, we took several ways, such as the subscription of Wechat to give away perfect gifts, lottery draw, giving away IPAD mini and the finest U disk of blue and white porcelain;as for the offline activities, we did the beneficial rebate activities. It was really a good method to create value for our customers. In this way, the RESHIN professional display became more and more popular in the medical industry.

During this exhibition, the most attractive product was the RESHIN 65 inches 4K*2K large screen with 8M high definition and four independent channels. It can split into single large images, and these single windows are all in line with the DICOM 3.14 standard. Thus can help medical experts do accurate human diagnostic. The multi-functional humanized designing can make operation easy and convenient, and the touch screen is also optional for you.

Moreover, many medical equipment manufacturers, distributors,image experts and overseas customers went to our RESHIN exhibition booth to visit our products. They also supported it and said they will pay close attention to the development of RESHIN in medical industry from now on. During the exhibition, several customers who had intention concluded the transaction with RESHIN, and they said that they were willing to develop with RESHIN and reach win-win finally.

RESHIN will try best to make innovation in order to ensure the professional display entering into large numbers of domestic basic institution. Our slogan is “ Ensuring our citizens can use the advanced medical equipment. They can pay for it and they can be treated!”