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Outdoor expand training in JLD professional medical display business department

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

“outdoor expand training” is a phrase that is strange but also familiar for us. We can see it everywhere such as in book, internet and television. And “outdoor expand training has became the most popular teaming activity at present. In 14 June 2015, all the members of Shenzhen JLD Display Expert medical display business department attended a one-day outdoor expand training in Jinshuiwan outward bound training base. In order to reinforce the construction of corporate culture, to reconcile the organization, coordination, communication and trust between the team, to enhance the group cohesiveness, to develop the ability of breaking through ourselves, overcoming difficulties and psychological blocks, we organized this outdoor expand training.

In June 14, all the RESHIN colleagues with same uniforms gathered in company at 8:15. Everyone is very curious and nervous about the outdoor expand training when we stepped in the bus to Jinshuiwan base.

In the morning, the coach arranged the military training for us. The military training is the good weapon that can cultivate strong strength of will and enforce sense of discipline. It advocates that we can obey orders and self control. And in the same time, the army is the best team that have the strongest cohesive force and implementation capacity. After we arrived the training base, we changed our clothes. Everyone put on the military uniform and quickly devoted into the following military training.

After a short lunch, in the afternoon we mainly went through this several following projects-beat the drum and throw the ball, horizontal bar in the air and expand the view spot project “escape wall”. During the training, we forgot our age, we forgot our position. We just only paid full attention to the training activity to experience the team energy, to feel the friendship between team members, to improve the communicated relation, to gather the cooperative spirit of team, and to make progress in each jobs. Even though all the projects have rough difficulties and challenges, we still showed our strong individual quality and team spirit under the efforts of each group. Through the group intelligence, individual will and excellent coordination, all the outdoor expand training missions had finished successfully.

Beating the drum and throwing the ball demands us the strong ability of team cooperation. There was a big drum that had 12 lines. We should pull the lines and make the small ball bouncing. After the coach explained the rules of this projects, we all thought that it was difficult for us to do 40 points. The coach divided us into two groups. And each group had 15 minutes to practice. Under the good direction of the captain and the cooperation of team members, the group 2 did more and more smoothly. But the group 1 still discussed the methods. As time went by, group 2 could perform with more connivance, in the training they had do more than 115 points. And after the active learning from group 2, group 1 gradually grasped the skills and they could do 43 points at most. But with regret, they still cannot win group 2.

The second project is called horizontal bar in the air. Before we stepped on it, everyone was surprised that the diving platform could even reach 9 meters! The iron pole was thick like an arm, but above it, the diameter of the circle diving platform could not reach 20CM. Many cowardly girls felt scared for it. everyone thought that it was a great challenge for them to seize the horizontal bar. But when we really stood under the diving platform, all the colleagues cheered us to insist. With the encouragement, everyone finished this challenge successfully. After we finished it, we found it was not difficulty as we imagined before. Maybe we always placed restrictions for ourselves. Only if we can dare to break ourselves, the obstacles in front of us are not difficulty as we imagine.

Finally, we started to do the classic project in outdoor expand training. I believe that the escape wall must familiar to the friends who had participated the outdoor expand training. The wall was 4.5 meters high and very smooth in the surface. There was also no place for us to seize. In order to increase the degree of difficulty, the coach  required us not to speak after the training started and he also did not allow girls to help, otherwise, we need to restart it. The boys should finish it by themselves without girls’ help. After the simple technical training, the coach gave us 8 minutes to discuss and arrange. Then we started to challenge. Before we did it, the coach asked how long we needed to finish this project for our 27 person. After short thinking, we said that 40 minutes was great for us. At first round, after 3 colleagues climbed, coach said that he heard somebody was speaking just now, so the challenge failed and they needed to start it again. And then all the people can not dare to say anything, we only could rely on the tacit cooperation and eye-contact. Many team members under our foot played  role as a ladder for us to climb, and many members were extremely tired but still tried their best to pull us, it was really moved us to shed tears. Even though we had fierce discussion in the company, even though we are not familiar with everyone, at this moment, we were only understanding the meaning of friendship. Everyone were struggling for a same goal. Finally, with the efforts of all people, the last two members finished this challenge. At this time, the coach let us to guess how long we took during this process, we said 20 minutes and 15 minutes. But both of them were wrong. He told us we spent 6 minutes 3 second to finish it! It was really unbelievable!

According to this outdoor expand training, all the team members feel that we can not abandon if we want to realize our dream. Even though we may meet all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, we still should be confident in mind and believe that we must can create the miracle that belongs to ourselves!