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[The VI upgrade of RESHIN new version] Change makes you see the better me

Source:本站 Date:2015-09-06 

In the 2015, RESHIN upgrade the VI and brand logo. Using international mainstream design elements, the image shows more executive and distinguished/high-end atmosphere. At the same time, RESHIN proposes the new English branch slogan: More Details, So Clear。

The background of branch

RESHIN brand is founded in 2012 who is dedicated to offer cost-effective professional products for customers in medical area. A whole series of products are used in DR, CR, DSA, DSI, Mammo, CT, MRI, US, Endoscope and so on, nearly all related medical image equipment included. From real, stable image output, the monitors help medical experts do human diagnostic.

During the past 3 years, through the continuous learning and innovating, RESHIN is always dedicated to research new products and exploit new medical displays. We have also created a lot of miracles on this road. We have our own patent certificates for the outside designs of displays and we also have our own software copyright for the software drivers.

The existing problems

"The original visual identity and brand image has been difficult to meet the needs of RESHIN business expansion."

The previous logo is a graph with blue red black Chinese and pinyin. R is in the leftmost of the graph and X is in the rightmost. This is the first two alphabets of RUIXIAN. On the right side of the logo, there is Chinese and pinyin of RUIXIAN.

On the visual communication, the previous logo lacks freehand graphical elements and is difficult to extend the practical application. And the Chinese and pinyin was used by the traditional color-black. It looks very inflexible and serious, lack of vitality and intimacy. And with the expansion of overseas market, the RESHIN shows more international if we add English icons on the logo.

Design ideas

Firstly, we make a series of visual audit for the display industry benchmark and domestic competing products. Look from the benchmark, EIZO has the very simple style combined with EIZO brand name and the shape of alphabet E. So it becomes the iconic language in the display industry. Look from the domestic competing products, it is mainly blue-black color and brand name. Thus, we need to try to highlight our own characteristics in the the visual representation.

Secondly, starting from the brand itself, RESHIN has always been focused on the professional display industry , it also pay attention to vigorous and scientific technology. So, what elements can reflect the brand image that RESHIN wants to express? When we choose the differentiating elements, should we highlight our rigorous research spirit or the wide range of RESHIN professional displays?


focus on the visual exploration, it has characteristics such as "RESHIN has meticulous requirements about the products"

The standard color is blue with sense of technology - It can highlight rigorous, rational and professional.

We express the RESHIN branch through pictographic element "R"- It is precise and straightforward.

With such a square image like alphabet “R”, it can weaken the previous upright hardcore. Adding to the arc, it looks like that a professional doctor is looking at RESHIN monitor and researching patient’s condition.

Throughout the whole album's design, we also choose color gray, gray represents gray scale in medical displays. And we choose line in the graph. Line comes from feathers, so it can shows very clear even if it is tiny objects such as feathers. Thus the monitor shows real-reducing character and ultra-high resolution.

Everything is derived from that RESHIN has high demands for details.

From the view of aesthetics, we choose the image of a butterfly, because the beautiful bright colors can make the drab gray smart..

Of course, we choose it because it is not only a simple butterfly. We can see that it is a butterfly using RESHIN monitor. Therefore, the left wing looks gray. The image shows the professional performance of the RESHIN displays.

2015, RESHIN is to look further into the future.

These above elements apply coordinately with various postures and composite applications. And it appears on many types of product packaging, websites, catalogs, and creating a refreshing visual effects. It is not only shows RESHIN professional research and development spirit, but also emerges the innovative style of RESHIN.

It is just as our slogan “More Details, So Clear” .