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Professional Display

PD280 has more than 8 million pixels and can display signals from four screens and four sources. No matter you are designer, photographer, commerce leader or top player, PD280 can make you enjoy perfect experience with one powerful equipment.



4K UHD image display, comfortable feast sharing


5ms fast response time


Simple and modern ID designing, double HDMI and DisplayPort connectors plus one DVI port


DisplayPort1.2 port supports 4K UHD media files, up to 60Hz refreshing rate

Can I use the monitor in environment with corros?
A.Do not place in environments with: -corrosive gases (such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine, ammonia, and ozone) -dust -components that accelerate corrosion in the atmosphere (such as sodium chloride and sulfur) -conductive metals and so on
The common fault diagnosis and maintenance of the medical equipment liquid crystal display (LCD)
With the widespread use of the liquid crystal display in medical equipment, it is worthy and meaningful for medical equipment engineers to understand and obtain the knowledge of common fault diagnosis and maintenance of LCD.
Is it necessary to install the monitor information file attached to the monitor packages?
Is it necessary to install the monitor information file attached to the monitor packages? If your computer and monitor conform to VESA DDC, the installation of the monitor information file or other special settings are not required. When they are connected to each other, the resolution and refresh rate are automatically set to the optimal values by the Plug-and-Play function. For the Plug-and-Play function, the system environment must comply with VESA DDC. The following OSes are available. -Microsoft Windows 98 -Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition -Microsoft Windows 2000 -Microsoft Windows XP -Microsoft Windows Vista *VESA DDC compliant computers (graphics boards) *VESA DDC compliant monitor cables.
Is it ok to setup the monitor on painted surface?
Please avoid placing the monitor on painted, wooden, cloth, or leather surfaces for long periods of time as this may cause traces of the stand's rubber padding to be left behind.

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